Did Jurgen Klopp ruin Liverpool's season? (1 Viewer)


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Yesterday 6:53 PM
When Sir Alex Ferguson decided to retire from management, he didn't tell his players until the day they won the Premier League 2013.

Jurgen Klopp went public and that has two negative impacts on his squad.

1. He put more pressure on his players to win as many cups as possible.

2. He dared the opposition players to test his resolves. This is my last season, so dare to take these cups off me and my players and unfortunately, the teams (Man Utd FA Cup, Atalanta Europa League, and Man Utd, Crystal Palace and Everton Premier League) dared and succeeded.

Truly, people can't ruin what they don't know. He reached an agreement with Liverpool that he can't continue next season, why didn't he tell them to keep the announcement private until the end of the season?

The above is someone's opinion on Jurgen Klopp's announcement. Do you share his views?

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