Rollins vs. Dirty Dom is apparently set for tonight... Balor is nowhere to be found 👀 (1 Viewer)

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Rollins vs. Dirty Dom is apparently set for tonight... Balor is nowhere to be found 👀

Seth Rollins is still in the ring. Rollins says that was a Nuts way to start the show. Judgment Day (minus Finn Balor) interrupt.

Rhea Ripley says we’ve heard enough about Rollins, we all know everyone is here to see Judgment Day. Rollins points to how the group isn’t even complete as Balor isn’t here.

Ripley says Balor is fine but Rollins shouldn’t worry what he’s doing. Damien Priest warns that Rollins should worry about his briefcase.

Priest teases a cash-in at SummerSlam, maybe Survivor Series or Royal Rumble, or maybe after he beats Shinsuke Nakamura tonight.

Rollins says there’s one problem, in order to cash in you gotta have the champ down and out, but he’s fresh as a daisy and doesn’t have a match on the card tonight.

Ripley points out how Dominik Mysterio isn’t doing anything tonight. Dom goes to speak but the boos drown him out. Rollins tells Dominik to try again. The boos shut him down again.

Ripley speaks for Dom and says Dirty Dom wants to fight Rollins tonight.

Rollins says he’s a Money In the Bank expert and this sounds like a poor attempt at a trap but he wants nothing more than to slap the mustache off Dominik’s face, so he’s going to let fans decide.

Rollins asks if fans want to see Sexy Seth beat the brakes off Dirty Dom, and they do. Rollins says Dom now has his answer.


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